Eye laser clinic

Eye laser clinic

Eye laser clinic in Istanbul

Birinci Eye laser clinic in Istanbul

The Eye Laser Clinic in İstanbul

MedicalTravel makes itself it for you possible, to submit an eye surgery in one of the most respected, best eye laser hospitals of the world, the Birinci ophthalmic clinic.


  • 11,000 square meters of closed space
  • 8 Floors
  • 41 patient beds
  • 8 operation rooms
  • Children Playground
  • International TV Channels in the rooms
  • Café

The Eye Laser Clinic Birinci Göz is in the possession of the most modern technological devices, like the femtosecond laser and the Excimer laser VISX STAR S4, in order to implement the surgical interferences in a safest and most comfortable way.

Quality Management

Birinci Eye Hospital has TÜV SÜD certifications. With the TÜV certificate ISO 9001 it concerns a process orientated quality management seal, which is assigned for now 20 years. It essentially reflects the optimization of processes and reflects the quality of the medical treatment or the technical conditions of the assigned instruments.

For the treatment of defective visions excluding most modern devices are used up to date the technology

  • ALLEGRO Topolyzer
  • VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser
  • Intralase Femto Lasik

The Excimer laser VISX star S4 of the American company VISX counts for years and is the most frequently assigned laser apparatuses most developed technologically with eye laser operations

Numerous studies confirm the very high reliability and extreme accuracy of the Excimer of laser VİSX STAR S4 compared with other laser systems, which are momentary on the market. By the combination of the excimer of laser with the İntralase femtosecond laser, the most recent (modern) method of eye laser threatment comes off E.g İlasik A.K.A individual Lasik

The head physician for your eye treatment

Dr. Faik Oruçoglu, who accomplished up to now over countless eye laser operations successfully, and is one of the best in this area.